Smart Switch: Light up you house whenever you want

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Smart Switch: Light up you house whenever you want

Smart Switch: Light up you house whenever you want

It could be incredible, but following the logic of technological progress, we can say all we have today was widely anticipated in science fiction movies of ’70s and ’80s. Nowadays we live the “Blade Runner” of technology we saw at the cinema 30 years ago.

Technology advances have slipped from the simple object and become more and more part of a set of things. With this smart switch we enter the Internet of things, the evolution of web that go into objects by animating them.

iotty is only a small part of this technological set which is overwhelming our lives.
Thanks to this change we will be able to control more and more electrical services and devices via web. This technology will allow us to handle them in a thousand different ways, helping our lives and improving their quality.

Home lighting has new shapes

iotty is a nice design object and a smart switch at the same time. Its functions and modes of use can be both traditional (the simple touch of the fingers, although with a new completely different experience) and advanced.

Probably iotty does the same effect made by the first switch ever built, which with a simple gesture turned on and off a bulb. As Maybe the first switch might look like magic, today the technology of iotty, doing the same thing 10,000 km away, can be a kind of magic.

An smart switch like iotty offers many benefits compared to normal “analog” ones. This new switch has its own intelligence. It has a microchip and memory, making it programmable and remote controllable from anywhere in the world.

A more comfortable house

Iotty is obtaining many approvals for two specific reasons: it’s ease of assembly (just a few gestures and a screwdriver are needed to install it) and it’s easy to control from the distance thanks to its App really easy to use.

Moreover, it has an entirely unique Italian design and high quality materials chosen to assemble this jewel of technology. Iotty is not only a smart switch, but thanks to its particular beauty, it’s really a complement which can furnish modern houses projected to a “now present” future!

Italian style for a smart switch that can make your home a lot more comfortable place. You’ll have light in every room where and whenever you want, wherever you are!

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