Lighting and interior design combined with iotty

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Lighting and interior design combined with iotty

Lighting and interior design combined with iotty

What is iotty? iotty is the lighting management system you want for your house. We have entered in a new phase of lighting and interior design, in which all results of technology can improve our quality of life.

Technology get us used to almost everything, but there’s always a smart person who can create something new. It’s the case of the revolutionary iotty system, a new (or “smart” if you prefer) generation “switch” which will allow us a total control of our home lighting.

This system is the joining link between what we consider as a normal household accessory and the best remote control technology on the market. This is iotty. We can’t consider it a simple switch because iotty it’s a lot more. It’s a faithful friend for our homes which illuminates and protects them and welcomes you every time you come back in the evening.

iotty system qualities

iotty is a great local and remote lighting management system. It can connects itself to WiFi network, so you can control every light in your house simply using a smartphone, an internet connection and its App.

Using the App, for example, you can turn on and off all lights at a distance, or turn on the garage and home light directly from your office, finding your house lit and ready to welcome you. iotty it’s fruit of the best Italian style, it’s made of high quality materials thinking about a modern and efficient interior design. iotty is the technological result of an idea who will revolutionize the light management system in the home environment.

A smart DIY system

Among the peculiarities of iotty we can count also its installation. It can be installed by anyone, because iotty is a DIY system and can be positioned easily in a short time. This peculiarity is the result of a careful design: you need no technicians, you only need a good screwdriver to install this device.

iotty is not just dedicated to lighting, because you can also set up this device for other actions, such as opening the home gate or the garage door while you’re driving. iotty has different capabilities which have just a goal: make easier you home life.

Thanks to iotty you can set up your home light, times and days in which they have to turn them on or off. You can also set up them even in random and alternating mode, so you can simulate the presence of someone in your home even when there is nobody in it!

The system projects every home directly in the future, making it more comfortable and safe by offering a truly new and impeccable lighting and interior design.

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