iotty the project that lights up

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iotty the project that lights up

iotty the project that lights up

With iotty we wanted to reinvent an important house’s point, an accessory we generally and trivially take for granted, something has accustomed us to its presence, so usually we don’t even pay it attention. All a new light. The interesting thing of iotty is once it’s installed, anyone in the room will notice only this “switch”, thanks to its unique and simple design, minimalist but visibly elegant at the same time.

Our project starts from the idea of innovating an aspect of the home remained unchanged for a century. If the switches of the beginning of the 1900s were spartan but functional, compared to modern traditional ones they only changed the shape: logic and function remained the same.

With iotty the project also changes the idea of light

Let’s enlighten with a new light! Iotty is the project which goes beyond this simple function. First of all, our “switch” is a complement to the home with a refined design, beautiful to see and use but, above all, it’s the idea of changing the things, giving new lymph to interior which find a most notable status almost unknown.

Thanks to technology all this has taken a new connotation and shape. This small object throws today your house in the future, where we all have already decided to go. We do it everyday so, in other words, iotty anticipates what will be inevitable.

Touching to turning on the light or using a remote control for lights of the whole house were unimaginable things when were invented the first switches. The most refined mind could never imagined things like those: iotty is the innovation materialized!

With iotty the project of every new house is future

The idea of our “switch” is that of an innovative environment management system, whether they are interior to the house, or in the garden/cellar. We have melted together design and technology to make iotty beautiful and functional, so it’s the project with which we really carry “new light in home”.

IOT or “Internet of Things” is already a reality. At this moment there are thousands of people who interact with cars, houses or other terminals in the workplace just using an app and pushing some buttons.

Therefore this technology is widely suited to the concept of future and automated, programmable and manageable from far house. Thanks to iotty the “light” project takes life with body and soul. Enlightening and remotely managing the environments is only a consequence of ideas, not by accident every idea turns on a light bulb!

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