Internet of Things: iotty lights up today the future’s house

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Internet of Things: iotty lights up today the future's house

Internet of Things: iotty lights up today the future’s house

The application environments of new frontier of web are unlimited. We are just at the beginning of a revolution that will change in part and in best our lifestyle.

IoT (Internet of Things) is already a reality in many productive and commercial areas. Thanks to technology applied to common household appliances and to our constant connection to the web, we can control many things at a distance.

It’s just the beginning

We can just imagine the developments. We are not only talking about devices that respond to remote controls, we are also talking about a real independence and autonomy for many devices we don’t always consider as an added value, such as a refrigerator which now comes in the Internet of things’ sphere.

Think about a supermarket chain full of refrigerated counters. How much would it cost control all of them in person? Here is the great advantage of this technology: If a malfunction occurs, the fridge warns the operating unit autonomously.

How much would it save? How much efficient is it? This just an example to make you understand all advantages technologies applied to household appliances and home electrical systems can produce.

iotty is the expression of this new Internet of things

Home automation is already a reality. Already today we have devices connected to web, from fridge to the oven or washing machine. Companies as Siemens, Bosch and other have invested billions in developing new connected systems and within the next 2 or 3 years every device sold will only be “Home Connect”.

iotty home lighting management system is the expression of this concept applied to interior design: the best technology applied to improving home lighting management.

iotty allows you set up the turning on/off of all light points of your house, from the outside of the entrance gate, to the garage, home or garden lights. You can do it even 10.000 km away thanks to a simple App. These are some of Internet of Things’ benefits.

The benefits are numerous: a better power management, more security (iotty will be supportive to other intrusion systems). Moreover programming also includes a deterrent mode for burglars, with light on and off randomly in different rooms, in order to simulate the presence of people inside your house, even if nobody is in.

iotty will change our approach with the lighting and the energy management in our homes, but it’s also a system will replaces all our old switches – analog – with a functional, smart and aesthetically impeccable device!

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