House of the future: remote controlled from smartphone

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House of the future: remote controlled from smartphone

House of the future: remote controlled from smartphone

Maybe it happens too quickly, but it happens! This is a very special moment for mankind. Maybe we can’t understand the size of the change we are living. Technology has “invaded” every aspect of our lives and now it’s largely connected and it happens online. The same thing will happen to the home of the future, which now is changed. Now it’s no more simple and static, but it’s active, smart and able to communicate.

In the future we’ll live in homes in which we can control everything with a voice command. We are already used to control our smartphone using our voice, but soon we’ll do it with everything. We will control our homes from anywhere else in the world by simply using an app which allows us interacting with our home.

A complex world that makes simple our life

From a certain point of view we have many chances to make really easy and comfortable our lives. Let’s imagine we can control any home appliance only with a voice control. We could up the roller shutters or switch on the heating and, at the same time, we also could turn on the TV and see our favorite channel without moving a finger, staying comfortably on our couch! Not bad, right?

This is the world of iotty, which will be more sophisticated as technology will advance. Thanks to iotty, you will control from remote all your light in house. Every light point can be turned on/off and programmed: today with an app on a smartphone, tomorrow with a voice command.

This evolution will not stop and will require a radical change of minds but, above all, an upgrading of the older structures. Basically, the home of the future will have to turn into a kind of device which looks like the houses we know, but in which technology becomes predominant and conquers every its corner.

The best is yet to come

Thanks to iotty and technology we only have an advance of what we’ll have in the coming years inside our homes. If we try to make a trip using our fantasy, we can imagine the home of the future with a minimalist look with light colors, pure white and essential furniture, virtual screens as big as a whole wall, lights everywhere which turn on and off at the passage and many interactive home appliances.

There will be a handyman robot – it will improve the quality of our lives – and, thanks to this widespread technology, all our houses will be “alive”. They will think and speak with us relatively their task. In practice, the home of the future will be similar to an extension of our bodies and it will live with us!

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