Domotics: when your house becomes autonomous and smart

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Domotics: when your house becomes autonomous and smart

Domotics: when your house becomes autonomous and smart

In the coming years we will be witnesses of a progressive and inexorable change in different aspects of our homes. Automation will come to involve every aspect of our houses, transforming them in more autonomous and programmable places.

We are talking about home appliances, gardens etc…which will change in next years. In many situations this changes are already in place and will be more intense and massive.

They will change the relationship we have with our home, as it happened with phones: a simple rudimentary device to talk it has become an intimate object, from which now we can’t separate.

The 21st century domotics is based on this perspective: refrigerator, washing machine, oven, doors, windows, heating, air conditioning, lights, Tv, radio…everything will be connected to the web 24 hours on 24.

Home automation applied to lightning thanks to iotty

This instrument is the new frontier of domotics. Thanks to iotty we can control to remote home lights, setting their turning on/off according to our needs.

At first glance, this innovation technology can leave us a bit perplexed and maybe for many people this technology may seem overwhelming, but it’s just the beginning because iotty is a system for controlling home, garage and all lights where this system is installed.

Thanks to iotty you can control and protect your home, scheduling ignition when you are not at home, simulating your presence by enabling random-mode rooms lights. This can be a good deterrent against prowlers.

How iotty was born

This smart management system is based on the idea of creating an evolved, easy to control product. It can be easily used to a smartphone. iotty domotics is also very friendly: it can be installed in few minutes and can be handled with no trouble thanks to a dedicated app.

Iotty was born from italian creativity: it’s a system which uses the best home automation technology merging it with an outstanding, beautiful design. Equipped with a night vision system, iotty is a concentrate of efficiency, technology and appealing design which nominates it as one of the best switches for modern homes projected to the future.

Light up your garage, garden, kitchen or living room lights before you get home. You can do it while you are at work or on the way home. These are just a few examples of how our life quality will improve thanks to iotty!

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