iotty the project that lights up

iotty the project that lights up

iotty the project that lights up

With iotty we wanted to reinvent an important house’s point, an accessory we generally and trivially take for granted, something has accustomed us to its presence, so usually we don’t even pay it attention. All a new light. The interesting thing of iotty is once it’s installed, anyone in the room will notice only this “switch”, thanks to its unique and simple design, minimalist but visibly elegant at the same time.

Our project starts from the idea of innovating an aspect of the home remained unchanged for a century. If the switches of the beginning of the 1900s were spartan but functional, compared to modern traditional ones they only changed the shape: logic and function remained the same.

With iotty the project also changes the idea of light

Let’s enlighten with a new light! Iotty is the project which goes beyond this simple function. First of all, our “switch” is a complement to the home with a refined design, beautiful to see and use but, above all, it’s the idea of changing the things, giving new lymph to interior which find a most notable status almost unknown.

Thanks to technology all this has taken a new connotation and shape. This small object throws today your house in the future, where we all have already decided to go. We do it everyday so, in other words, iotty anticipates what will be inevitable.

Touching to turning on the light or using a remote control for lights of the whole house were unimaginable things when were invented the first switches. The most refined mind could never imagined things like those: iotty is the innovation materialized!

With iotty the project of every new house is future

The idea of our “switch” is that of an innovative environment management system, whether they are interior to the house, or in the garden/cellar. We have melted together design and technology to make iotty beautiful and functional, so it’s the project with which we really carry “new light in home”.

IOT or “Internet of Things” is already a reality. At this moment there are thousands of people who interact with cars, houses or other terminals in the workplace just using an app and pushing some buttons.

Therefore this technology is widely suited to the concept of future and automated, programmable and manageable from far house. Thanks to iotty the “light” project takes life with body and soul. Enlightening and remotely managing the environments is only a consequence of ideas, not by accident every idea turns on a light bulb!

House of the future: remote controlled from smartphone

House of the future: remote controlled from smartphone

House of the future: remote controlled from smartphone

Maybe it happens too quickly, but it happens! This is a very special moment for mankind. Maybe we can’t understand the size of the change we are living. Technology has “invaded” every aspect of our lives and now it’s largely connected and it happens online. The same thing will happen to the home of the future, which now is changed. Now it’s no more simple and static, but it’s active, smart and able to communicate.

In the future we’ll live in homes in which we can control everything with a voice command. We are already used to control our smartphone using our voice, but soon we’ll do it with everything. We will control our homes from anywhere else in the world by simply using an app which allows us interacting with our home.

A complex world that makes simple our life

From a certain point of view we have many chances to make really easy and comfortable our lives. Let’s imagine we can control any home appliance only with a voice control. We could up the roller shutters or switch on the heating and, at the same time, we also could turn on the TV and see our favorite channel without moving a finger, staying comfortably on our couch! Not bad, right?

This is the world of iotty, which will be more sophisticated as technology will advance. Thanks to iotty, you will control from remote all your light in house. Every light point can be turned on/off and programmed: today with an app on a smartphone, tomorrow with a voice command.

This evolution will not stop and will require a radical change of minds but, above all, an upgrading of the older structures. Basically, the home of the future will have to turn into a kind of device which looks like the houses we know, but in which technology becomes predominant and conquers every its corner.

The best is yet to come

Thanks to iotty and technology we only have an advance of what we’ll have in the coming years inside our homes. If we try to make a trip using our fantasy, we can imagine the home of the future with a minimalist look with light colors, pure white and essential furniture, virtual screens as big as a whole wall, lights everywhere which turn on and off at the passage and many interactive home appliances.

There will be a handyman robot – it will improve the quality of our lives – and, thanks to this widespread technology, all our houses will be “alive”. They will think and speak with us relatively their task. In practice, the home of the future will be similar to an extension of our bodies and it will live with us!

Domotics: when your house becomes autonomous and smart

Domotics: when your house becomes autonomous and smart

Domotics: when your house becomes autonomous and smart

In the coming years we will be witnesses of a progressive and inexorable change in different aspects of our homes. Automation will come to involve every aspect of our houses, transforming them in more autonomous and programmable places.

We are talking about home appliances, gardens etc…which will change in next years. In many situations this changes are already in place and will be more intense and massive.

They will change the relationship we have with our home, as it happened with phones: a simple rudimentary device to talk it has become an intimate object, from which now we can’t separate.

The 21st century domotics is based on this perspective: refrigerator, washing machine, oven, doors, windows, heating, air conditioning, lights, Tv, radio…everything will be connected to the web 24 hours on 24.

Home automation applied to lightning thanks to iotty

This instrument is the new frontier of domotics. Thanks to iotty we can control to remote home lights, setting their turning on/off according to our needs.

At first glance, this innovation technology can leave us a bit perplexed and maybe for many people this technology may seem overwhelming, but it’s just the beginning because iotty is a system for controlling home, garage and all lights where this system is installed.

Thanks to iotty you can control and protect your home, scheduling ignition when you are not at home, simulating your presence by enabling random-mode rooms lights. This can be a good deterrent against prowlers.

How iotty was born

This smart management system is based on the idea of creating an evolved, easy to control product. It can be easily used to a smartphone. iotty domotics is also very friendly: it can be installed in few minutes and can be handled with no trouble thanks to a dedicated app.

Iotty was born from italian creativity: it’s a system which uses the best home automation technology merging it with an outstanding, beautiful design. Equipped with a night vision system, iotty is a concentrate of efficiency, technology and appealing design which nominates it as one of the best switches for modern homes projected to the future.

Light up your garage, garden, kitchen or living room lights before you get home. You can do it while you are at work or on the way home. These are just a few examples of how our life quality will improve thanks to iotty!

Smart Switch: Light up you house whenever you want

Smart Switch: Light up you house whenever you want

Smart Switch: Light up you house whenever you want

It could be incredible, but following the logic of technological progress, we can say all we have today was widely anticipated in science fiction movies of ’70s and ’80s. Nowadays we live the “Blade Runner” of technology we saw at the cinema 30 years ago.

Technology advances have slipped from the simple object and become more and more part of a set of things. With this smart switch we enter the Internet of things, the evolution of web that go into objects by animating them.

iotty is only a small part of this technological set which is overwhelming our lives.
Thanks to this change we will be able to control more and more electrical services and devices via web. This technology will allow us to handle them in a thousand different ways, helping our lives and improving their quality.

Home lighting has new shapes

iotty is a nice design object and a smart switch at the same time. Its functions and modes of use can be both traditional (the simple touch of the fingers, although with a new completely different experience) and advanced.

Probably iotty does the same effect made by the first switch ever built, which with a simple gesture turned on and off a bulb. As Maybe the first switch might look like magic, today the technology of iotty, doing the same thing 10,000 km away, can be a kind of magic.

An smart switch like iotty offers many benefits compared to normal “analog” ones. This new switch has its own intelligence. It has a microchip and memory, making it programmable and remote controllable from anywhere in the world.

A more comfortable house

Iotty is obtaining many approvals for two specific reasons: it’s ease of assembly (just a few gestures and a screwdriver are needed to install it) and it’s easy to control from the distance thanks to its App really easy to use.

Moreover, it has an entirely unique Italian design and high quality materials chosen to assemble this jewel of technology. Iotty is not only a smart switch, but thanks to its particular beauty, it’s really a complement which can furnish modern houses projected to a “now present” future!

Italian style for a smart switch that can make your home a lot more comfortable place. You’ll have light in every room where and whenever you want, wherever you are!

Internet of Things: iotty lights up today the future’s house

Internet of Things: iotty lights up today the future's house

Internet of Things: iotty lights up today the future’s house

The application environments of new frontier of web are unlimited. We are just at the beginning of a revolution that will change in part and in best our lifestyle.

IoT (Internet of Things) is already a reality in many productive and commercial areas. Thanks to technology applied to common household appliances and to our constant connection to the web, we can control many things at a distance.

It’s just the beginning

We can just imagine the developments. We are not only talking about devices that respond to remote controls, we are also talking about a real independence and autonomy for many devices we don’t always consider as an added value, such as a refrigerator which now comes in the Internet of things’ sphere.

Think about a supermarket chain full of refrigerated counters. How much would it cost control all of them in person? Here is the great advantage of this technology: If a malfunction occurs, the fridge warns the operating unit autonomously.

How much would it save? How much efficient is it? This just an example to make you understand all advantages technologies applied to household appliances and home electrical systems can produce.

iotty is the expression of this new Internet of things

Home automation is already a reality. Already today we have devices connected to web, from fridge to the oven or washing machine. Companies as Siemens, Bosch and other have invested billions in developing new connected systems and within the next 2 or 3 years every device sold will only be “Home Connect”.

iotty home lighting management system is the expression of this concept applied to interior design: the best technology applied to improving home lighting management.

iotty allows you set up the turning on/off of all light points of your house, from the outside of the entrance gate, to the garage, home or garden lights. You can do it even 10.000 km away thanks to a simple App. These are some of Internet of Things’ benefits.

The benefits are numerous: a better power management, more security (iotty will be supportive to other intrusion systems). Moreover programming also includes a deterrent mode for burglars, with light on and off randomly in different rooms, in order to simulate the presence of people inside your house, even if nobody is in.

iotty will change our approach with the lighting and the energy management in our homes, but it’s also a system will replaces all our old switches – analog – with a functional, smart and aesthetically impeccable device!

Lighting and interior design combined with iotty

Lighting and interior design combined with iotty

Lighting and interior design combined with iotty

What is iotty? iotty is the lighting management system you want for your house. We have entered in a new phase of lighting and interior design, in which all results of technology can improve our quality of life.

Technology get us used to almost everything, but there’s always a smart person who can create something new. It’s the case of the revolutionary iotty system, a new (or “smart” if you prefer) generation “switch” which will allow us a total control of our home lighting.

This system is the joining link between what we consider as a normal household accessory and the best remote control technology on the market. This is iotty. We can’t consider it a simple switch because iotty it’s a lot more. It’s a faithful friend for our homes which illuminates and protects them and welcomes you every time you come back in the evening.

iotty system qualities

iotty is a great local and remote lighting management system. It can connects itself to WiFi network, so you can control every light in your house simply using a smartphone, an internet connection and its App.

Using the App, for example, you can turn on and off all lights at a distance, or turn on the garage and home light directly from your office, finding your house lit and ready to welcome you. iotty it’s fruit of the best Italian style, it’s made of high quality materials thinking about a modern and efficient interior design. iotty is the technological result of an idea who will revolutionize the light management system in the home environment.

A smart DIY system

Among the peculiarities of iotty we can count also its installation. It can be installed by anyone, because iotty is a DIY system and can be positioned easily in a short time. This peculiarity is the result of a careful design: you need no technicians, you only need a good screwdriver to install this device.

iotty is not just dedicated to lighting, because you can also set up this device for other actions, such as opening the home gate or the garage door while you’re driving. iotty has different capabilities which have just a goal: make easier you home life.

Thanks to iotty you can set up your home light, times and days in which they have to turn them on or off. You can also set up them even in random and alternating mode, so you can simulate the presence of someone in your home even when there is nobody in it!

The system projects every home directly in the future, making it more comfortable and safe by offering a truly new and impeccable lighting and interior design.